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WOW! Next weekend is Labor Day weekend. That's the official stamp on the end of summer. Since the summer is over, its back to business. The good ol' fall/winter grind time is here...it's all up in ya face! lol. I was able to get a feel of this fall-time grind over the weekend. One was with the weather, it was cooling chilling with a dope breeze here in NYC. ILikedItALot!:) The other came from visiting a friend. He and his girlfriend were working out together and invited me to join. I passed on the offer because I wasn't prepared for it, so I sat back, relaxed, had a drink, watched and gave advice. :) Seeing these two working out, or the nutcrackers he gave me, made me realize that working out or should I say exercising parts of your life is necessary.

I'm going to start exercising things like my writings, my physique and everything else I haven't been doing in a while. One of my laziest writings is blogging. So from now on I'm going to work this blog out and get it nice and meaty(pause). So welcome M-effers and enjoy! Of course this blog will be about fresh, insightful, meaningful, and of course funky things I like or do! And all I do/appreciate is dope things so all you have to do is read, enjoy, and comment.

Peace for now.